Wheel Loaders

At KELLYS you can purchase the TORION 1914 / 1812 large model series and the TORION 1511-1177 mid-range model series. 

The engine in the TORION is positioned towards the back of the machine to distribute weight most effectively. This design gives you more tip-load capacity with the same operating weight. The fuel savings and reduced tyre wear that result make this an outstandingly efficient wheel loader – whatever job you need to do. 

The SMART LOADING function creates precisely co-ordinated and individually adjustable functions. When you’re working on tasks that repeatedly need the same mast working position, the lift height and lowering limiter function is a real bonus. You can programme your preferred ground clearance and dumping height quickly and easily. Then you can move the mast to these saved positions with a single movement of the joystick. You can also program two bucket positions that the mast can be moved to with the joystick or by pushing a button. 

The two large models are equipped with powerful Liebherr four-cylinder engines, delivering 168 kW (228 hp) in the TORION 1914 or 143 kW (195 hp) in the TORION 1812. On the medium-sized models power ratings range from 103 kW (140 hp) to 123 kW (167 hp).

For your wheel loader needs, or any other agricultural machinery you’re looking for, contact KELLYS in Abbeyleix or Borris. 

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